No-Ip DDNS to PLDT modem

What is No-Ip DDNS service?

If you can’t remember your public IP address, then you should have to use DDNS service. It keeps track of IP address in DNS Record when your internet provider changed it. You have to use the hostname instead of IP address to access DVR, Computer and other devices remotely.

No-Ip is one of the most popular Dynamic DNS service provider, it offers at least 3 hostname for free.

In this post, I will show you how to create No-Ip DDNS service in PLDT modem router.

Creating Hostname

Sign up for No-Ip DDNS account and create hostname.

No-Ip DDNS Sign Up

Click the Confirm link sent in your email to activate your account.

Once activated, click Account to complete your account information including your username.

Then click Dynamic DNS to check or add hostname.

No-Ip DDNS Hostname creation

Setting up No-Ip DDNS service on PLDT Modem​

Login to PLDT router’s default IP address

Hover your mouse pointer to Network Setting, then click DNS.

DDNS in PLDT modem

Click Dynamic DNS tab, select Service Provider, Type your Hostname, Username and Password. Click Enable and Apply.


Lastly, check Dynamic DNS Status below, you must get Accepted user authentication result and current Dynamic IP address.

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