PLDT Enterprise Modem

LED light indicators on your PLDT Enterprise modem are (From left to right) Power, FiBR (DSL), Internet, WAN, Ethernet (LAN), 2.4G and 5G (Wireless Network), and USB 1 and 2 ports.

PLDT Modem router connects our internal network to a public internet. It is usually linked by a copper or Fibr optics in some areas.

No internet connection is a network issue that needs to address not just in client computers but also in your gateway modem. LED light indicates the status of the modem so it allows us to identify and sort the problem. We may see a no light, steady light or blinking lights.

LOS or Loss of signal indicator may also be present in some brands of modem. It blinks a red light that tells you an interruption of network signal from internet service provider down to your modem.

If you experience connection loss, check you modem light if it blinks in normal condition. If not, try power cycling the device, check cables and see if it fix the issue.

To better understand PLDT modem light indicators, please proceed in this article.

Here are the Light indicators of a PLDT Enterprise modem


  • Light On: The Modem power supply is good.
  • Light Off: No power supply to your modem. You have to check the power button and power supply adapter.


  • Solid Light: Successful DSL line synchronization..
  • Blinking Light: Establishing DSL synchronization, it may take up to 30 minutes of synchronization attempt.
  • Light Off: There is no DSL signal. Check the telephone cable if properly plugged into the modems port, check the telephone cable if properly plugged into data port of DSL Splitter. You may restart the modem, check if becomes solid light, if not, please call PLDT technical support hotline.


  • Solid Light: Internet Connection is up and running.
  • Blinking Light: There is ongoing data transmission.
  • Light Off: No internet connection, check telephone cable if properly connected and for advance troubleshooting, check the broadband PPPoE, PPP login account configuration. Call PLDT customer service hotline.


  • Solid Light: Active WAN port, check the Fiber Optic connection in the WAN port (color blue).
  • Light Off: Unused or disabled WAN port.


  • Blinking Light: There is ongoing data transmission from local computers.
  • Light Off: Unused Ethernet or LAN ports. Check loosen RJ45 plugs and broken UTP wires.

2.4G / 5G

  • Solid Light: Enabled Wireless Network.
  • Blinking Light:  Enabled 2.4GHz / 5GHz Wireless Network, there is ongoing data transmission from and to hosts connected to it.
  • Light Off: Disabled Wireless Network, press Wi-Fi on and off button to activate or Login to Web-page configuration of your modem, check wireless settings.

USB 1 / USB 2

  • Solid Light: Attached USB flash drive.
  • Light Off: No USB flash drive.

While these light indicators tells you a brief information status of your modem, it is also suggested to report or call your ISP upon learning of an issue if you cannot fix it by yourself.


    1. Hi Katrina, assuming you have done power cycle and checked cable plugs, you may need to call PLDT Hotline to get a help on how to fix the issue. Do not press RESET button until they told you, resetting will clear all configuration settings in it.

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